Welcome to Broadband Everywhere!

For more than three years, the State Library has been working to improve internet connections in public libraries. An Opportunity Online grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has underwritten this effort meant to close the digital divide for thousands of Kansans.

High speed Internet in libraries helps ensure that patrons can access multimedia-rich content such as interactive, online educational courses with streaming video or audio, online job application sites and databases, or government application downloads. These are more easily accessed by higher speed connections.

Strategies have included increasing connection speeds, promoting technology planning and developing advocacy plans for sustainability. Long-term objectives are aimed at community adoption of broadband applications and creation of sustained community approaches to broadband growth and maintenance.

Our primary message:

Broadband access helps create vital, stable, livable communities.

Broadband strengthens the community and businesses, it strengthens the educational base in the community and it strengthens the quality of life.

Whether Kansans are searching for a job, enhancing education, or accessing healthcare technologies, broadband Internet access is key to their success. In addition,Kansas strives to establish a competitive advantage through a robust and growing digital economy.

Supporting themes and messages can be found on the Message page.

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