Broadband Connectivity Matrix

State Library of Kansas LogoThe State Library of Kansas’ broadband matrix is a simple tool to help libraries plan for their Internet connection needs.  The column labeled “Minimum” is the basic goal to provide good access to most patrons most of the time.  The “Short Range Optimum” is targeted at providing good access to almost all users almost all of the time.  These goals are based on actual maximum bandwidth from libraries in Florida.  The National Broadband Plan defined basic residential broadband as 4.0 Mbps of bandwidth.

There are two separate matrices provided here for your convenience.  The first provides the download and upload target speeds, the second shows only the download speeds.

To use the matrix, find the number of computers connected to the Internet in your library, next to that range is the target connection speed.  If your library has multiple Internet connections, use the same process for each connection.  If your library provides wireless Internet in addition to wired, estimate the number of wireless users at any one time and add that to the number of wired computers, if applicable, on that connection.   For more information, please contact Peter Haxton (785) 296-2008 or

Broadband Matrix 1

Broadband Matrix 2Click here to download the Broadband Matrix in PDF format.

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