Supporting themes:

Broadband access builds economic prosperity. Communities thrive, grow, and attract and retain businesses when broadband access is supported. Investment in access increases the capacity of Kansas communities to build on their economic base and strengthen tax revenues.

Broadband access enriches the education of our future workforce. The new economy requires a workforce that will be highly disciplined, innovative, creative and able to learn new concepts through a variety of online opportunities. The library can fill a role as a technology resource and training center for students of all ages. 

Broadband access improves health and wellness in communities. The medical profession relies on the ability to transmit tests, x-rays, and video remotely for consult and review by specialists hundreds of miles away. Broadband bridges the gaps in access to care in rural and other medically underserved communities. On a personal level individuals use the internet to learn about critical medical conditions, to find health care providers and to assess health insurance options.

Broadband access enhances quality of life. Better communities offer more opportunities for all who live there. In work, in recreation, in education, in health and wellness, it is critical that access to current and complete information be available. In many communities, the library serves as the community center.

Broadband connects citizens with their government, egovernment services. Public libraries are on the front lines of connecting people with essential government resources. Library patrons increasingly report that they are using public workstations to perform a variety of e-government tasks, such as signing up for unemployment benefits, processing sales and income taxes, filling out forms for disability and Social Security, completing Medicare Part D online forms, making appointments with immigration officials, filing court petitions and more.

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