Broadband Advocacy Training Manual

Click here to download
the Broadband Everywhere Advocacy Training Manual in PDF format.

The training manual will allow you to showcase the value of public libraries by connecting your library directly to the things that the community values the most. The templates and samples illustrate the value of broadband to the community and library through research, stories, and developed arguments that demonstrate the impact in the community.

You’ll find information, tips and worksheets on how to start your advocacy efforts and how to sustain them, who should be involved and how to frame the message incorporating the use of persuasive evidence. Also included is strategy on how to reach the right people and persuade them to take action.
You can use these tools by reading the material and filling out every worksheet, or by reading the pages that appear to be the most useful to you.

Table of Contents:
Introduction 1
A Little History 2
An Introduction to Advocacy Basics 3
How to Use this Kit 3
Advocacy Basics 4
Exercise 5
What’s Needed to Be an Effective Advocate?
Passion, Exercise 6
Purpose, Exercise 7
People , Exercise 8 – 11
Persuasion, Exercise 12
Message Framework, Value Themes 13
Persuasion: Strategies, Tools, Tactics 15
Direct Outreach, Exercise 16
Grassroots Outreach, Exercise 17
Media Outreach, Exercise 18
Measurement and Evaluation 19
How to use Handouts and Sample Templates
Talking points/handouts 20 – 25
Sample Templates 27
Letters to the Editor 28 – 31
Letter to elected officials 33
Letter to Partner 34
Action Plan Worksheets 35
Conduct Direct Outreach 36
Conduct Grassroots Outreach 37
Conduct Media Relations 38
Use Online Communications 40

The Advocacy Training Manual for Broadband Everywhere is structured similarly to the Public Library Association’s Turning the Page Advocacy Course, delivered in Wichita in 2008.

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