Broadband Best Practices

Best Practices for Broadband Sustainability in Kansas Libraries

Develop and implement a written technology plan that includes:

  • Annual consultation with technology resource people on trends in broadband access.
  • Participation with the library system and the state library in documenting growing and unmet Internet access needs.
  • Review of Internet access needs with the library’s Internet provider.
  • Documentation of the Internet access needs for use in advocating for sustainable funding.Continuous communication with the library board regarding the library’s Internet access use and needs.
  • Development and maintenance of a replacement plan for all library hardware and software that is attached to the library’s budget, including an annual assessment of the library’s public Internet stations.

Stay informed about the federal telecommunications and Internet discount program E-Rate. Be aware that libraries applying for Priority 2 service (internal connections and basic maintenance) are still required to write a technology plan before beginning the E-rate application process and have it approved by the State Library before discounted services are delivered.

Document the growth in demand for access to e-government, e-services, e-business, social networking, and online entertainment in your community.

Solicit input from library Internet users inside and outside the library.

Provide wireless access in the library. Make sure that staff is trained and ready to help users access the service.

Exploit the talents of staff who have the ability to teach Internet skills to the public. Provide a combination of classes and informal assistance.

Separate staff Internet use from public use, so public access can be protected during periods of peak use.

Maintain active communication on broadband availability and needs between the library and:

  • local government
  • local organizations
  • local schools and colleges
  • local business, and
  • local entrepreneurs

Build active partnerships with community stakeholders to plan and secure sustainable funding for communitywide access to broadband.

Host a community forum to raise awareness and document the broadband needs of community groups.  Invite your partners to participate and facilitate the forum.

Participate in community economic development initiatives. Communicate and promote the library’s role in economic development.  Develop and deliver library programming and services that support the community’s initiatives and programs.

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